Dear Progressive Supporters of La Pocha Nostra around the world,

This cyber-communique from Planet Pochx is long overdue. Please enjoy some news and notes from our wild and ever changing performance matrix.

First, a timely request for your financial support. NOW is the time to support La Pocha Nostra with your donations in any amount - as an organization and as a collective we have never stopped working, adapting and responding to the times and we are determined to persist well beyond the wake of the pandemic. But we need the help of our loyal community of supporters - please consider a donation today to support the ongoing health of our mighty organization.

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And now for some news from Planet Pochx:

Where are we right now? San Francisco. Mexico. Norway. San Diego. Chicago. Cyberspace. We are here, there and everywhere and our work continues to know no borders. We hope to also be in your city soon. Bring us!

What have we been up to? Since lockdown began in March 2020, LPN quickly adapted to all things virtual, media & film related as a way to continue creating work, perform and reach our beloved audiences. We have not slowed down for one moment! We have experienced trial and error with the virtual realm but continue to be obsessed with how to adapt live performance, spoken word and the living archives to virtual formats.

Below are a few highlights and ways to check out our latest work coming from the heart of the multiple pandemics:

RADIO: “The Mex Files” - A weekly radio show produced by Lumpen Radio (Chicago) here


MALINCHE IN TIMES OF PANDEMIA by Gómez Peña & Jessica Fortononi Cooke exploring the multiple mythologies of La Malinche and the fall of Tenochtitlan. Trailer here

HOW TO SURVIVE THE PANDEMICS? – A poetic exchange between Gómez Peña & VestandPage here

SAN FRANCISCO APOCALYPSE - A film about the fall of empire and the creative city with Gustavo Vázquez, Lalo Obregón featuring the wildest local musicians and performance artists. Coming soon.

*The San Francisco Living Archives - An anthology of experimental films by Gómez Peña and three generations of LPN members from the last 35 years here

ONGOING BI-NATIONAL “CASAS MUSEOS” PROJECT: Gómez Peña and La Pocha Nostra have been working on exploring how to turn artists’ homes into “Casa Museos” and will soon be presenting ongoing programming at Casa Sur (Mexico City) and the Casa Norte (San Francisco). Stay tuned.


Gómez-Peña Unplugged: Texts on Live Art, Social Practice and Imaginary Activism (2008–2020) Written by Gómez-Peña and Edited by Emma Tramposch & Balitronica Gómez

La Pocha Nostra: A Handbook for the Rebel Artist in a Post-Democratic Society Written by Gómez-Peña & Saul Garcia Lopez. Edited by Paloma Martinez-Cruz

Glossolalia: Border Poetics Against the Wall (US/Mexico 2020)


If you are in Chicago please check out the first ever US based retrospective of work

Gómez-Peña’s Casa Museo: A Living Museum and Archive. Full information about this multifaceted project is online here Exhibition on view until the end of May 2022.

Who are the new Pochx members? We are ecstatic to have grown our team in the past year to incorporate a truly bi-national base of operations in San Francisco and Mexico City. We have welcomed to our team in the capacity of coordinators, producers, writers and archives Aranza Cortes Karam, Federico Tello and Maria Rebora. You can read more about each of these fabulous individuals (and our additional core members) here

Are you booking in-person events? Definitely! Please check out our Pandemic Survival Kit to see a range of projects we are booking for late 2021 and 2022.

Truly Yours,

La Pocha Nostra

San Francisco, End of Empire/Beginning of new Era

October 2021


3435 Cesar Chavez Street #330

San Francisco, CA 94110

Photo Credit: Aranza Cortes Karam

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