Photo/Performance Archive

A Pocha family album

The origins of GP's family performance aesthetics; parents vacationing in Havana, 1948.

Dear cybernauta:

Welcome to the Pocha family album. What follows is a draft of the book I would love to publish before I die, including my favorite weird photographs ever taken and never published; those iconic images I treasure due to their sentimental power, symbolic weight and historical/hysterical significance. Many of these photos populate my 20 books and myriad magazines, newspapers, websites, posters, brochures and even a few murals and comic books. Others are virtually unknown, especially those capturing projects which were invisible to the art world, a euphemism for strategic exclusion or “bad taste”. Paradoxically these are my favorite images. More than 30% of these images have never been seen before.

-GP in lockdown, California 2020

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