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La Pocha Nostra's Virtual School of Performance Dreams & Psychomagic

Aug 5, 2020 to Aug 19, 2020

Full Information & Registration Information online HERE.

In 2020, La Pocha Nostra hosts our legendary performance workshop online with sessions held once a week over 3-weeks in August. We welcome artists & activists from everywhere to participate! This year’s intensive will be instructed and produced by LPN core members Gómez-Peña, Emma Tramposch, Balitronica Gómez, La Saula & LROD.

Sessions will also include surprise guest artists and luminaries of the performance art world!!

Themes of exploration for this year’s workshop: LPN’S pedagogy focuses on the human body as a site for creation, reinvention, memory and activism. This year -  in response to our immediate present - we will focus on the following themes: Artistic tools & strategies for combating systemic racism, the politics of isolation, virtual “presence”, ritual strategies to connect with humanity, notions of self and collective, cultivating community, action and activism outside of the public realm, the possibilities for presenting live art  & pedagogy in the virtual.

Virtual Space.

Democracy Mañana: An Ongoing Series of Virtual Programing during Pandemia


In response to the times, LPN is creating a “barrio broadcasting station” to DJ weekly performance salons involving Pocha Members and special guests from around the world. We are currently setting up the station in GGP’s and Balitronica’s Mission studio in virtual San Francisco; a true “Pocha high tech pirate zoom video and audio station for a new era.” We are seeking donations of equipment and funds to help make this dream a reality.

We also welcome invitations and partnerships if you are interested in hosting a "Democracy Mañana" event. Please write to us: pocha@pochanostra.com

Information on all upcoming online events in this series will be added here.

So far in this series, LPN has performed in several wild online events with Dreamocracy in America and Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir to name a few...We will post links to archived versions of these events once available.

Touring Projects Postponed until late 2020 and Spring 2021.

2021 to 2020

Postponed until 2021.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Ongoing performance salon series open to the public, solo performance premiere by Gómez-Peña and presentation of WE ARE ALL ALIENS border opera featuring Allison Lovejoy.

OSLO, NORWAY - La Pocha Nostra's annual return & residency partnership with the Norwegian Theater Academy.

OAXACA, MEXICO - Large Scale exhibition and International Winter Workshop

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND - In collaboration with Public Act Theater

An International Summit of Live Art & Pedagogy

Two established international troupes - Vest & Page (Germany/Italy) and La Pocha Nostra (US/Mexico) have joined forces in the last three years to produce large-scale pedagogical and performative adventures with an international scope involving up to 50 artists, including “special guests,” instructors/tutors and alumnae always in dialog with the local arts and intellectual community.

Currently seeking sites and co-producers for this project.

Past Events

Gómez-Peña Unplugged

Jul 4, 2020 6:00 PM

Gómez-Peña Unplugged

July 3rd, 2020 6:00 pm PST

UPDATE: The complete files of Gomez-Pena Unplugged are currently censored. As soon as the entire event is available we will post it here. Thank you for joining us, muchas gracias!


Presented by La Pocha Nostra and Grace Space (NYC)


Curated by Gómez-Peña & La Pocha Nostra in dialogue with Grace Exhibition Space NYC


An evening of body-based performances & strategies to cross virtual space.

Grace Exhibition Space (NY), La Pocha Nostra (US/Mexico) & The Norwegian Theater Academy (Norway) join forces to host an unprecedented evening of experimental performance involving artists from multiple countries performing in simultaneity alongside a live electronic composer and a vocalist.


La Pocha Nostra ~ LROD & La Saula (USA/Mexico), The Ecosexuals Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens (US), VestAndPage (Germany/Italy), Kira O’Reilly (Finland/Ireland), Eleonora Fabião (Brazil), Marilyn Arsem (USA), Willem Wilhelmus (Finland), Cesar Martinez (Mexico), Martin Renteria & Sharmel Altamirano (Mexico), Music by Ulf Knudsen (Norway)& Vocals by Micha Espinosa (The Borderlands).

This event is free to but we are strongly encouraging donations to the individual artists & Black Lives Matter.

PRESS RELEASE including link to view the event HERE.

Photo: La Saula by Juan Carlos Ruiz Vargas.

Glosolalia Posnacional 3.0: Spanglish in times de Pandemia

Dreamocracy in America & La Pocha Nostra present a binacional ZOOM performance.

May 24, 2020 6:00 PM to 2020

Register via Eventbrite here.

Fifth ‘encuentro’ trans-fronterizo of poetry performance and inverted languages. A Remix of glitch, tongues, multi-lingual spoken word, spanglish, gringoñol, and more locuras…

Sliding Scale Donation $5-$15 USD (to help keep the doors of La Pocha Nostra and Dreamocracy in America open) Limited capacity: First come first served - 200 max.

The event features the following artists from Mexico: Lechedevirgen Trimegisto, Rocio Cerón, Eugenia Chellet. And from the USA: Micha Espinosa, Logan Phillips, Jose Torres-Tama, La Pocha Nostra (Saula, Emma, Balitronica, LROD, Gómez-Peña) with Democracy in America (Pocha Peña & Victor Payan) and Dramaturgical Support by Paloma Martínez Cruz.

VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE - Dreamocracy in America

Apr 11, 2020 6:00 PM to 2020


Pedagogical Residency (Tallinn, ESTONIA) POSTPONED

Mar 28, 2020


Gómez-Peña, Saula, Balitronica & LROD are in residency at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in Tallinn, Estonia leading a 2-week pedagogical project with students as part of the "Contemporary Physical Performance Making" Program. Information about the program online HERE.

We Are All Aliens (Columbus, OH) POSTPONED

Mar 21, 2020 8:00 PM


Presentation of new solo performance WE ARE ALL ALIENS – And other tales of Radical Imagination (2020) with BALITRONICA GÓMEZ.

"Miss Illegal Alien" takes selfies with audience members. LACE, Los Angeles, 2016.

Glosolalia Book Launch (Mexico City, MEXICO)


10-day Pocha Nostra Posnacional residency in Mexico City. Featuring a performative launch for the brand new Glosolalia book - Spoken word events open to the public during the first week of March.

"Glosolalia” es un fenómeno que se refiere a los estados alterados de conciencia que producen sonidos y fonemas más allá de la semiótica y lo inteligible, como el mentado ‘tecno-speak’ Hoy en día, es ‘lingua franca, poluta e disoluta,’ en el mentado “international poetry slam movement.” y los chicanos son la mera vanguardia sin proponérselo.

"Illustrated Body" by Luisa Velpart. Cervantino Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico. Photo Herani Hache.

Mexico City


We Are All Aliens (Colorado Springs, CO) POSTPONED

Feb 18, 2020 7:00 PM to Feb 18, 2020 9:00 PM


Presentation of new solo performance WE ARE ALL ALIENS – And other tales of Radical Imagination (2020) with BALITRONICA GÓMEZ.

This event is free and open to to the public.

Richard F. Celeste Theatre

Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center, 825 N. Cascade Ave.

Colorado Springs

Colorado USA

Event Details

We Are All Aliens (Venice, ITALY)

Jan 18, 2020 8:00 PM

Radical Pedagogy + Premiere of his new solo performance WE ARE ALL ALIENS – And other tales of Radical Imagination (2020) with BALITRONICA GÓMEZ. Link to information HERE.

Venice Bienniale




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