Balitronica and Gómez-Peña. Photo by Geloy Concepcion 2023.

La Pocha Nostra is currently offering a diverse range of projects that can be hosted within a spectrum of contexts and venues including colleges and universities, museums, galleries, festivals, alternative art spaces, and abandoned buildings.

La Pocha Nostra is now booking for 2024 & 2025.

*The Mex Files Duet: A divination ritual by Balitronica and Gómez-Peña

*Border Clasicos: A solo performance keynote sampling theory, poetry and performance texts by Gómez-Peña

* The Museum of the Future Project: A performance keynote challenging contemporary art museum practices and calling for an open discussion regarding radical restructuring(s) from within.

*Multimedia performance lectures including Multiple Journeys: The Life and Work of Gómez-Peña

*Evenings of Experimental films created by La Pocha Nostra over the past 3 years

*One-Day workshops in the Pocha Nostra pedagogy (and longer ones under special circumstances)

*Virtual offerings include keynotes, film screenings and special class visits

*1:1 Mentorships via Zoom

*International Alumni Workshops

*Site-specific exhibitions and installations showcasing and making accessible La Pocha Nostra’s vast “living archives” and media work

Contact us to discuss possibilities: emma.tramposch [at]

“Gómez-Peña questioned the very core of the university experience, and our relationships with our community and with each of our colleagues. The piece “haunted” the balance—or imbalance—of social power that has been set in place in the fixed cultural landscape of contemporary America.” -Richard Lou

Graphic by Perry Vasquez and Boyd Richard