La Pocha Nostra

Live Art Laboratory & Border Research Institute


LPN intervenes the Greek Orthodox Church, Athens. Photo by GGP & Manuel Vason.

“The most influential Latino performance art troupe of the last 10 years.” El Pais, Spain.

Founded in 1993 in Los Angeles, La Pocha Nostra is Gómez-Peña’s ultimate and most long-standing project.

La Pocha Nostra is a transdisciplinary arts organization & 501-c3 non-profit that provides a support network and forum for artists of various disciplines, generations, gender complexities and ethnic backgrounds. La Pocha is devoted to erasing the borders between art and politics, art practice and theory, artist and spectator. For 25+ years, LPN has intensely focused on the notion of collaboration across national borders, race, gender and generations as an act of radical citizen diplomacy and as a means to create “ephemeral communities” of rebel artists.

La Pocha Nostra’s performance work mixes experimental aesthetics, activist politics, Spanglish humor and audience participation to create a "total experience" for both live and online audience member/reader/viewer. Continually developing multi-centric narratives and large-scale performance projects from a border perspective, La Pocha Nostra creates what critics have termed "Chicano cyber-punk performances," and "ethno-techno art." In the work, cultural borders have moved to the center while the alleged mainstream is pushed to the margins and treated as exotic and unfamiliar, placing the audience members and readers in the position of "foreigners" or "minorities."

La Pocha Nostra’s artwork has been presented at over a thousand venues across the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the UK, Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. La Pocha Nostra has participated in the following Biennales: Venice, Documenta, Havana, The Whitney Museum, Sydney, Liverpool, Thessaloniki and Mercosur, and they performed at the Venice Biennale Performance Art Week. The troupe’s photo-performances are now in the permanent collections of Daros Foundation (Zurich), Galeria Artificios (Gran Canaria), the MAM (Mexico City), and the Getty (Los Angeles), among other institutions.

Every year, LPN conducts a summer and a winter performance art school in which La Pocha Nostra's radical pedagogy (a site-specific performance methodology that has been developed during the last 10 years) is shared with large groups of radical artists spanning three generations. The site for this pedagogical adventures changes every year. In 2020 we held our first ever Virtual School of Dreams & Psychomagic over 5-weeks including 36 artists from 10 different countries and culminating in an international live art and film festival online.

Please see our Virtual Offerings page for a range of projects we are are offering during times of halted touring.

Decolonizing the Body” at the school of Fine Arts Athens, Greece. Photo by Manuel Vason.

For a collection of additional online resources about La Pocha Nostra please visit HERE.


Guillermo Gómez-Peña (Mexico/US) Artistic Director, Godmother of La Pocha Nostra


Emma Tramposch (US/New Zealand) Managing Director & Curator of the Living Archives

Emma is the Managing Director of 501-c3 interdisciplinary arts organization La Pocha Nostra. She has been working closely with Gómez-Peña on programming and projects since 2007. As an art administrator, producer, curator, writer & archivist she has a longstanding commitment to presenting radical, transdisciplinary artwork that speaks to the issues of our political times. Emma holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Victoria University (New Zealand) and an MA in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts. She has written for Art Papers, The Drama Review, Art Practical and co-edited the Live Art Almanac and Camerawork Journal.

Balitronica Gómez (US/Mexico) Core Member, Director of Communications, and Pedagogue

Balitronica is a cyber-feminist poet, performance artist, and radical pedagogue. Born and raised on the border of San Diego/Tijuana, she holds a BA in Literature from San Diego State University and an MFA in Poetry from Mills College. Her performance work has been largely influenced by her time spent living in a 17th Century Catholic Convent in Paris with a Dominican Order of Nuns. She has been touring internationally with Gómez-Peña since 2013 and currently resides between San Francisco, Mexico City and the road. Track her current projects online here.

Saula Garcia Lopez, aka La Saula (Mexico/Canada) Co-Director of International Projects, Pedagogue and Pocha Scholar.

La Saula is a postnational performance artist, scholar, artivist, and performance director. He is a pedagogical DJ for communities of radical differences, a reverse wetback of gender and ethnic bending, and a third world cyborg kitsch. As a conceptual sicario, he enacts psychomagic rituals, social exorcisms, and conceptual cannibalism against colonialism. He trained as a dancer and actor, has a BA in psychology, a PGradDip in Directing, and a BA (Hons) in Drama and Film. He has toured around the world with LPN and has co-written with Gómez-Peña, a new pedagogical book La Pocha Nostra: A handbook for the rebel artist in a post-democratic society (coming out in 2020).

Currently a visiting professor at the Norwegian Theater Academy and coordinating multiple international projects by LPN and tactically joining for European and Mexico group projects during 2020.


Paloma Martinez-Cruz (Editorial Advisor)

William Stark (Editorial Advisor)

Perry Vasquez (Graphic Design Advisor)

Erin Fleming (Digital and Audio Advisor)

Micha Espinosa (Audio Performance and Pedagogy)

Gustavo Vasquez, Amber Bemak & EmaLee Arroyo (Videographers)

Guillermo Galind*g, DJ Ricardiaco & Ulf Knudson (Electronic Composers)

Manuel Vason, Herani Hache & RJ Muna (Photo Performance)

Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes - VestAndPage(Co-producers of dream projects)

Francesca Carol Rolla (Curator, Writer & Performance Artist)


Queen Balitronica by Piero Viti. Venice, Italy, 2014.
"La Pollera" La Saula by Juan Carlos Ruiz Vargas, 2018.
Gómez-Peña by Berenice Guraib, CASA Oaxaca.
LROD Photo by Heather Sparrow
"Cyborg Cellist" Michele Ceballos-Michot by Manuel Vason.
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