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MEXICO CITY ~ June 9-15, 2024

La Pocha Nostra is currently accepting video submissions from all past workshop alumni for our first ever Advanced Summer Summit in Mexico City June 9-15. If you have completed any LPN workshop over the past 25 years you are invited to apply. We are crafting a group of very specific energies and individuals for this unique and intimate gathering at LPN’s Casa Museo Sur.

LIVE ART IRELAND (with VestAndPage) ~ July 17-25

LPN is also currently accepting video submissions for a 2024 Alumni Summit in Ireland. This event will be held at the historic Milford House in Tipperary. This lengthier intensive will feature the combined pedagogy of La Pocha Nostra and VestAndPage and will expand on exercises that alumni are familiar with as well as new advanced exercises that they have not yet experienced. The overarching goal is to deepen connections within a global fellowship of alumni. *You must have completed at least one workshop with either troupe to apply*

TO APPLY: Please email ballitron[@]gmail.com and cc fede29r[@]gmail.com for more information about the summit and video instructions to apply. Please indicate which alumni session you are inquiring about in the subject heading.