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Beloved International Arts Community,

We hope you are doing okay in these challenging times of radical reinvention. This global situation is no doubt impacting everyone we know and La Pocha Nostra (LPN) sends ongoing radical tenderness across all borders. Please be safe and by all means, keep making & sharing your art and critical ideas.

Like you, LPN is discussing new strategies for presenting work and connecting during times of halted touring. We are particularly concerned with those critical artistic and pedagogical practices which don’t have ongoing institutional support in the commercial art and academic worlds.

Together let’s consider this a time to expand the field - ideally we can together develop virtual models that will help artists beyond this current crisis…

LPN remains as committed as ever to bringing our interdisciplinary work directly to your local context - even if this is temporarily only virtual.

Below are a few ways we can potentially be in cyber-residence with you, your class, university, gallery, community center, group of friends and colleagues, or alongside individuals interested in personalized mentorship at this time.

Is there a hip institution out there who would like to host a virtual town hall convening where artists and small organizations can discuss these strategies?


*Virtual Live Keynotes & Performative Artist Talks - We can work with you on designing a context-specific performance in terms of themes and content. If you would like to see the range of topics included in Gómez-Peña's latest solo please visit here. This may be your chance to commission a live performance from Gómez-Peña's and Balitronica’s studio in San Francisco!

Gómez-Peña is currently writing and performing online commenting on the politics of “pandemia”, race relations, border culture & how artists can translate body-based performance practices to virtual formats. These online presentations draw from multiple sources including performance & queer theory, activism, psychomagic ritual, radical poetry and his self-styled vernacular philosophy.

* Virtual Pedagogy and body-based performance exercises straight to your online classroom or home. We have never led a performance workshop via Zoom but we are willing to try!

*Poetry, Dance, Voice & Story-telling circles for up to 10 participants in a Zoom session. We can help DJ and archive the conversation.

*One-on-One Consultancy & Mentoring: Our interdisciplinary group of core members has a wide spectrum of skills & experience to offer individual artists ranging from the following:

Individual artist mentorships and/or dramaturgical feedback sessions

Arts Administration including curatorial guidance, project conceptualization, grant support and archival advice.

Pedagogical / curriculum planning & support

Performance Theory

Collective script writing (Google doc Jams)

Please contact to discuss possibilities and help us envision new models to outlive this pandemic.

Lastly, LPN is 100% still hoping to be able to plan in-person projects & residencies for later in the year and early 2021 and welcome your ideas and invitations on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to seeing what magical projects and ideas emerge out of this time. We believe if there is ever a group to adapt and outlast these times it is artists.

Truly Yours,

La Pocha Nostra

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